Critical Issue with SharePoint Service Pack 2

Hi Folks. I don’t normally blog about news that lots of others are also covering, but this is too important not to get publicized everywhere possible.

A problem has been discovered with Service Pack 2 for SharePoint Servers (MOSS, Project Server, Forms Server, and Search Server including Express). The service pack inadvertently sets a trial expiration date for the product of 180 days following the installation of the service pack.

If you have your product key handy, you can simply re-enter it in Central Administration to resolve the issue. Otherwise, you will need to wait for Microsoft to release a hotfix. If neither of these options is acceptable, do not install SP2 until a resolution is provided.

This problem does not apply to the Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) only portion of the service pack.

While Search Server Express is affected by this issue, there is no "key" available for the product, so you will need to wait until an official fix is provided.

To get the latest news on this issue, make sure you follow the SharePoint Team Blog, or check this KB article, which should be online shortly (Update: the KB article is now online).